David Pereira  User Experience Design
David Pereira  
User Experience Design
Driving teams to engage with customer problems, define opportunities for business, design and deliver highly crafted experiences are my main goals as Lead UX Designer.

Learn, observe, understand

Understanding the real needs and problems that Customers go through is fundamental to delivering great experiences.

True customer centricity comes from engaging at the very beginning with those that will use the products and services. This not only informs designs to a great extend but at the same time allows multi-disciplinary teams to grow deep empathy for customer problems in its diversity
and complexity.
Multi-disciplinary teams are very important when gaining insights from customers. To achieve that no great skill set is needed like being a designer or researcher. Curiosity and empathy to be on the customer shoes will be a great advantage in order to learn and understand the context where action takes place, the meaning of specific interactions, what customers think, do, say and feel.
Interview guide brainstorming    Customer engagement preparation     
Interview guide brainstorming    Customer engagement preparation     

Opportunities to delight

Informed with the insight gained before, finding opportunities for business to delight customers is a crucial step for design to intervene.

From the learnings gathered mapping the customers journey is important to understand the steps and how they feel throughout while trying to achieve a specific goal. On the problems discovered it is fundamental to go beyond the surface on how problems present themselves in order to clarify opportunities to pursuit.
Once deep knowledge is gained about the problems customers go through it is important to generate ideas based on the learnings and observations. Those ideas are then evaluated against the value they deliver to customers and the technological possibilities. Is a given idea feasible? What level of impact does it have on customers?
Empathy map      Customer journey line    Root cause analysis
Empathy map      Customer journey line      Root cause analysis
Empathy map     Customer journey line      Root cause analysis

Diverge, evaluate, decide

To design an experience is a side from the tools and methodologies used a collaborative effort in order to reach out to a highest degree
of quality.

No matter if talking about creating a product or service the highest degree of quality of an experience means to deliver beyond expectations regarding the problems customer face on a given subject, to the right touch point, at the right time and in the right place.
In order to reach that goal it is necessary to continuously explore in a divergent manner how great are the existing solutions when solving for a given problem. After analysing options and converging on the best solutions that clearly satisfy the criteria it is fundamentally important to take it to usability testing where customer will have the opportunity to try and provide crucial feedback. Depending on the usability results the designs can be further refined before implementation.
Payment flow     iPad concept    Mobile checkout flow   Mobile checkout    Navigation strategy   Ecology   
Payment flow     iPad concept     Mobile checkout flow     Mobile checkout    Navigation strategy   Ecology
Payment flow    iPad concept     Mobile checkout flow     Mobile checkout     Navigation strategy     Ecology
Payment flow     iPad concept     Mobile checkout flow     Mobile checkout     Navigation strategy     Ecology
Payment flow     iPad concept     Mobile checkout flow     Mobile checkout     Navigation strategy     Ecology
Payment flow     iPad concept     Mobile checkout flow     Mobile checkout     Navigation strategy     Ecology

Try, learn, improve, delight

After the MVP is live the use of behavioural data is key to learn about the real performance of an experience in order to improve it.

What problems do users find that where not detected before? Do they recover from them? or do they drop off? These and many other questions regarding how a service is performing are answered by looking into the analytics data.
At this stage the opportunity consists is combining the knowing why customers do specific tasks with the what tasks do they really do and get a complete understanding of the directions the service should take.